Monday, February 25, 2013


Yesterday we had a "white out" or as Michael likes to call it, a "gloom-out".  It is our very own desert version of fog. Sharing none of the real properties of fog except zero visibility, it has the same effect on us desert dwellers as does a snow storm to our friends in the North; we hunker down, try to block out the relentless sound of the blowing wind, and mourn the loss of our precious sunlight. Plus, even if it isn't cold, it sounds cold.

This is a before shot of our Western vista on a normal day, well, this was not really normal...I was getting a shot of the rare and amazing icicles...but, point being, you can SEE the mountains thirty miles away!

This is a "white-out" shot facing East from our house. is that same view without a ton of dust and white sand filling the sky is summer, but you get the idea.
I know, it isn't like being stuck in a snow storm (feelin' for ya my Midwestern friends), without heat or electricity or running water...already did that this winter...more about that here. But it does jangle the nerves and it is damn gloomy. Time to put on some Manhattan clam chowder, find my recipe here, and close all the blinds, grab a cozy blanket and watch the Oscars because we are officially "fogged" in!

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