Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Homemade Snickers...Really

Oh, yes I did! I took up the challenge of making candy, again. I consider this an act of bravery on my part. Let's just say my track record in the candy making department is zero wins (up until now!) This homemade version of Snickers comes from Blogger Jessica at How Sweet It is....and I encourage you to visit her blog now and secure this recipe. 

This is Michael's go-to candy so when I spotted it on Jessica's blog I saw an opportunity to surprise him with a healthier homemade version, well, at least it doesn't have all the fake coloring and binders. It is still the gooey, chocolaty, peanut butter bursting experience of the original with all sweetness and bad-for-you calories. Which is why I have to hide it from myself.

These precious little slices of the nutty goodness would be great on a Christmas buffet or packed into cute little give-away boxes(with wax paper between them!). I am currently storing this batch in my freezer with a few in the fridge (for Michael, of course) as I think they are best when chilled.

Photo: Courtesy of How Sweet It Is

The process is easy. I started one day and finished the next to make sure the layers cooled and set up  properly and I used a pan I could toss (sorry to admit) but I wasn't into cleaning up hardened caramel. It turns out you could use a regular high-sided 9 x 13 cake pan. Just butter the heck out it.

Additionally, I would recommend using regular salted peanut butter like Jiff. Also, purchase the large jar of Fluff and, if you do not make your own caramel, (you could!) use the Werther's brand soft caramels. I did end up adding some bittersweet chocolate morsels to the top layer...I just ran out of the milk chocolate....but I liked it and would do it again, as it cut the sweetness a bit.

So visit How Sweet It Is and grab this one. Jessica does a great step-by-step and I wouldn't change a thing. Thank you Jessica for sharing! 

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Sue said...

They look wonderful! I'm afraid I would eat one after another and another and another...

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