Monday, February 10, 2014

Finding Orlando Rivercow a Birthday Love Letter

I met Orlando Rivercow the summer of 1984 and fell in love. It was a mad love. An "abandon all hope ye who enter here" kind of love. Who could blame me? Just look at that face!

Finding Orlando Rivercow that summer meant finding myself. Is there a greater gift to oneself or a greater gift from another? Thirty years ago Orlando and I went on a birthday jaunt together and in true Thelma and Louise fashion, flew right over the cliff and never looked back.

This is a love letter to you Michael Copeland. It was I who was truly "gifted" the day you were born. Thank you for bringing your creative, crazy, original self into my life and blessing me daily with your loving nature, infinite compassion, and unyielding humor. Congratulations to us and to you and to Orlando too...for making it all the way to the museum!
Happy Birthday, love of my life, torch bearer, friend, inspiration, enigma, happy dance partner. I love you with all my heart now and forever. Mag.

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