Monday, September 17, 2012

Crossing the Finish Line

This project is finally a wrap! You can check out the beginnings here. I thought I would be done last week, silly me!
I can finally say finis!!

If you are visiting me for the first time; the surface of my vintage German schrunk was not usable. I came up with a plan to cover this totally unidentifiable material with Italian glass tiles.

What in the world is this stuff? With the slightest bit of water the surface bubbled and stained. UGH! 

I had always envisioned this piece as a great place to store china, stemware, cookbooks and liquor. So when I was gifted a variety of Italian glass tiles I thought, "perfect, this is the answer to resurfacing the top for use as a bar!" However, I knew I could not tile directly onto this uneven material, so opted to tile onto Masonite sections which Michael cut to fit the top. These I installed onto the surface then grouted as one piece.

The tiles are irregular so I had to "justify" the design one tile at a time.

I had to lay-out the design completely, not only to justify the spacing, but to work with the color palette as I had a limited supply of each hue.

 Installing the tiled Masonite

Weighted and drying.

To deal with the exposed mounting board, Mike custom-mixed an acrylic color the same value as the wood and carefully painted the edge.

Grouting! I always find it a bit daunting to throw mud all over my hard work!

 The last step was to seal the easy, brush on, wipe off process.

The surface has a slightly uneven, hand done look....but still flat enough to set a bottle or a glass without worry. Best feature? Waterproof!!!

I am so pleased with the results!

Top cabinet: Stemware and dishes for entertaining, extra bottles of liquor
Drawers: Fancy silverware, candles, napkins
Bottom cupboards: Vases, extra tall liquor bottles, cookbooks and platters

There is nothing like completing a project, especially one with such a long shelf life!! What are you working on? Do you have a project in the works? If so, may your days to finish line be short!
Cheers! Victoria


Susan said...

It's beautiful! When we first marries we inherited a coffee table that my father-in-law tiled. When we moved, it apparently fell out the back of our pick-up. We never found it and all these years later, it still makes me sad.

Unknown said...

Awesome! I love the final look, good job momma!

Victoria said...

Thanks Sean!!

Victoria said...

Susan, make another! I can help :)

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