Thursday, January 24, 2013

"Copelandus Humana" a Love Story

A Rare Sighting of the Exotic Copelandus Humana
linocut, 8 x10
 2012  E.K.Wimmer

A gift, a love letter, an exquisite work of art, a nod to our particular brand of humor? All of this and more!  Yes, we Coplandus Humana know how to pick 'em. Friends that is....also one of the more desirable traits of our species. Of course, we do possess "powers unknown to modern science and reason"...must be how we manage to be blessed with having the amazingly talented E.K. Wimmer in our lives. Thank you Eric for your gift of this wild and woolly rendering! Honored, simply honored!

Find more, more and more about the multi-talented E.K. Wimmer here and here.

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