Saturday, September 28, 2013

Norm Made That

My brother Norman was a creator, a "maker" of beauty. What an incredible legacy to leave the world more beautiful than you found it. To honor my brother today, I invite you to journey through just a smattering of Norman's creations. During his fifty-five years on the planet he was focused and passionate about his work, his art, his craft and he relished learning and implementing new skills with an enviable eagerness and ease. To say I miss him would be stating the painfully obvious.
Enjoy the journey, I know he did.

Stained Glass and Wood Ginkgo Leaf Arts and Craft Screen - Private Collection
Ginkgo Leaf Screen - butterfly join detail

Tea ~ Custom Stained Glass - Installed in San Francisco B & B

Custom Stained Glass Windows - Private Client - San Francisco

Custom Stained Glass - Private Client San Francisco

 Custom Stained/Leaded glass - Private Client - San Francisco

Custom Stained Glass - Private Client - San Francisco

Fully Fitted Custom Bar - Burled Maple Panels - Brass Fixtures - Private Client - Pacifica, CA 

Custom Bar - Additional View

 Custom Secretary - Handcrafted Inlay (detail) - Private client - San Francisco

  Custom Secretary - Handcrafted Dental Molding Burled Maple Inlay - Private Client - San Francisco

Custom Entertainment Center - Private Client - San Francisco, CA

Set of Custom Bookcases - Client - S. Dumont - San Francisco

Custom Dickens Fair Booth - Client, the Artist - San Francisco

Custom - All hand fabricated Brass Steampunk Goggles - Collection - The Artist

Steampunk Goggles - additional view

Custom Hand Fabricated Leather Hat in the manner of a Fireman's Top Hat - Collection - The Artist

 Steampunk Writing Desk - Hand Fabricated - Burled Maple, Brass, Copper, Leather, Glass

 Steampunk Writing Desk - Details Oil Lamp, hand fabricated

 Steampunk Writing Desk - Embossed Leather Writing Surface - Hand Fabricated Brass Detail
Crazy Steampunk Contraption - Found and Reclaimed Copper, Iron and Neon

Wood and Scrimshaw Stand - Collection - Estate The Artist
 Flight of Fancy - All Hand Fabricated Rocket Turned Wood with Brass details - Collection - The Artist

 Rocket details

Crop Circles - All Hand Fabricated Spaceship 7"h - Turned Wood, Brass, Plastic, LED - Collection - The Artist

Norman Barringer - Pirate Days - San Francisco

  Custom Table - Private Client

 Custom Inlay Table - Collection - Estate The Artist

 Custom Inlay Table dovetail detail

Custom Inlay Table, top detail

Model for custom Pergola

Completed Pergola Project - Copeland Residence-NM

 Gazebo  - Fraser City Park - Gift of the Artist and Jr. Jaycees - Fraser, Michigan
with Norman, Greyson and Quinnton Barringer
Custom Sofa Table with Harp Legs - Model

 Custom Sofa Table - Detail - Model

Custom Baptismal Font - Model - Church Client - San Francisco
Custom Church Font - with Hand Fabricated Glass Bowl - Completed

Finally, I leave you with this treasured note from my brother. We especially love his "moment of Zen."

Dear Vic and Mike,
Thanks for taking a moment with me this afternoon.
I know your time is valuable and I appreciate you spending some of it with me.

The valued information I've gotten from both of you over the years
has been immense and I thank you, very much!

I'm not sure if I will take on this job or not (responsibility for the painting?!)
but the offer, Mike, to get the supplies, is also greatly appreciated!

Love you both,
have a fantastic week,

And now, your moment of Zen.


Anonymous said...

Oh my, what an amazing ARTIST he was. Thank you for sharing this. Much love, CMW

Victoria said...

I welcome your comments!! Victoria

Orlando Rivercow said...

A reminder indeed, of a Brilliant Light.

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