Monday, September 30, 2013

The Food Co-op Different...

I was introduced recently to a wonderful food co-op called Bountiful Baskets. The bounty you see in the above photo is just part of what I took home last week; peppers, tomatillos, green onion, cilantro, avocados as big as my fist! It is amazing what people can do when they join forces. Of course the co-op idea is nothing new, but this is different in that it is an Internet run food co-op.

Bountiful Baskets was launched by two women from Arizona who wanted quality farm fresh produce for their families. They joined with others, begin buying fresh produce in bulk and started distributing to members who order "baskets" through an Internet sign-up site. As you know, we live in the boonies so Internet shopping is what we do! It has been wonderful to place my order on-line then go to the local drop-off site with other like-minded foodies and return with a basket loaded with fresh fruits and veggies. The downside? It's a mystery basket! You never know what you are getting. The upside? You are eating fresh, compelled to try new things, and because of the number of participants, paying prices half that of your local grocer. To get the skinny on how it all works click on this very informative link.

The co-op also offers an all organic basket as an option with additional opportunities to purchase in-season fruits and breads in bulk. Check it out, you may want a Bountiful Baskets co-op site of your very own. Bon Appetit! Victoria

...the tomatillos and jalapeno peppers made a delicious salsa verde. Get the recipe here.


Sunday, September 29, 2013

Sunday Contemplation

The purpose of our lives is to give birth to the best that is within us. It is only through our own personal awakening that the world can be awakened. We cannot give what we don't have.
                                                                  Marianne Williamson

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Norm Made That

My brother Norman was a creator, a "maker" of beauty. What an incredible legacy to leave the world more beautiful than you found it. To honor my brother today, I invite you to journey through just a smattering of Norman's creations. During his fifty-five years on the planet he was focused and passionate about his work, his art, his craft and he relished learning and implementing new skills with an enviable eagerness and ease. To say I miss him would be stating the painfully obvious.
Enjoy the journey, I know he did.

Stained Glass and Wood Ginkgo Leaf Arts and Craft Screen - Private Collection
Ginkgo Leaf Screen - butterfly join detail

Tea ~ Custom Stained Glass - Installed in San Francisco B & B

Custom Stained Glass Windows - Private Client - San Francisco

Custom Stained Glass - Private Client San Francisco

 Custom Stained/Leaded glass - Private Client - San Francisco

Custom Stained Glass - Private Client - San Francisco

Fully Fitted Custom Bar - Burled Maple Panels - Brass Fixtures - Private Client - Pacifica, CA 

Custom Bar - Additional View

 Custom Secretary - Handcrafted Inlay (detail) - Private client - San Francisco

  Custom Secretary - Handcrafted Dental Molding Burled Maple Inlay - Private Client - San Francisco

Custom Entertainment Center - Private Client - San Francisco, CA

Set of Custom Bookcases - Client - S. Dumont - San Francisco

Custom Dickens Fair Booth - Client, the Artist - San Francisco

Custom - All hand fabricated Brass Steampunk Goggles - Collection - The Artist

Steampunk Goggles - additional view

Custom Hand Fabricated Leather Hat in the manner of a Fireman's Top Hat - Collection - The Artist

 Steampunk Writing Desk - Hand Fabricated - Burled Maple, Brass, Copper, Leather, Glass

 Steampunk Writing Desk - Details Oil Lamp, hand fabricated

 Steampunk Writing Desk - Embossed Leather Writing Surface - Hand Fabricated Brass Detail
Crazy Steampunk Contraption - Found and Reclaimed Copper, Iron and Neon

Wood and Scrimshaw Stand - Collection - Estate The Artist
 Flight of Fancy - All Hand Fabricated Rocket Turned Wood with Brass details - Collection - The Artist

 Rocket details

Crop Circles - All Hand Fabricated Spaceship 7"h - Turned Wood, Brass, Plastic, LED - Collection - The Artist

Norman Barringer - Pirate Days - San Francisco

  Custom Table - Private Client

 Custom Inlay Table - Collection - Estate The Artist

 Custom Inlay Table dovetail detail

Custom Inlay Table, top detail

Model for custom Pergola

Completed Pergola Project - Copeland Residence-NM

 Gazebo  - Fraser City Park - Gift of the Artist and Jr. Jaycees - Fraser, Michigan
with Norman, Greyson and Quinnton Barringer
Custom Sofa Table with Harp Legs - Model

 Custom Sofa Table - Detail - Model

Custom Baptismal Font - Model - Church Client - San Francisco
Custom Church Font - with Hand Fabricated Glass Bowl - Completed

Finally, I leave you with this treasured note from my brother. We especially love his "moment of Zen."

Dear Vic and Mike,
Thanks for taking a moment with me this afternoon.
I know your time is valuable and I appreciate you spending some of it with me.

The valued information I've gotten from both of you over the years
has been immense and I thank you, very much!

I'm not sure if I will take on this job or not (responsibility for the painting?!)
but the offer, Mike, to get the supplies, is also greatly appreciated!

Love you both,
have a fantastic week,

And now, your moment of Zen.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

What a Show!

Through the Side Door               Mixed Media on Cradled Panel 36" x 42"
My talented husband artist Michael Copeland has been in the studio all year preparing for his recent solo show at Metallo Gallery in Madrid, New Mexico. The opening reception was a blast with great food, music, and with former students, friends, patrons and the lively inhabitants of Madrid adding to the celebratory mix! "Through the Side Door - New Works" will hang through the end of September at Metallo Gallery. If you are in the Santa Fe area go check it out! The equally talented artist and gallery owner Cassidy Watt is available at: 505-471-2457 for more info.
"Through the Side Door-New Works" by Michael Copeland  
Highlights~Opening Reception September 7, 2013

Yes, Madrid New Mexico is heavenly!

 Good friend Gloria Drayer (and Sketchbook Tours' yoga instructor!) and new friend Kelly. Nice meeting you Kelly!!

 Our adopted Santa Fe family and art patrons Rick Allred and Maggi Bromski, you're the BEST!

Mr. Ruby II  Mixed media on canvas 18" x 24"      Five of Orbs Mixed media on rag paper 32" x 40"

The Pet  Mixed Media on canvas 24" x 30"(Sold)    Bird Soup   Mixed Media on canvas  16" x 20"

 Friend, patron and fellow Sketchbook tours traveler Don Hammer. What a nice surprise! Great seeing you Don!

Former students, dear friends and Wyoming's Nicolaysen Art Museum's art curator Eric Wimmer (more on that later!)

 Great surprise reunion with former students and lovelies Xuxa Cdo and Lilly Smith

 Another surprise visit from dear family friend Michael Vollmer.

 E.K. Wimmer mugging for the camera. We love working with you E.K.!!

 A very happy reunion! We loved sharing this evening with you Michael! Thank you for making the trip!
Michael with gallery owner Cassidy Watt. Cassidy's opening receptions are legendary! Thanks Cassidy for another great opening!

A big hug of gratitude to everyone who made the trip and to all those who could not be with us and sent messages of support, Michael and I dearly appreciate you, your patronage and your friendship.

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