Why Sixteen Cakes?

Sixteen Cakes was born out of sister love. My love for her, her love for me and that strange and wonderful combination of truest friend, blood relative and connected soul fragments.
Robin was baking at sixteen. She was the best. Creative, precise, and talented. I envied her ability, but envy always gave way to my true admiration of her "crafting" in the kitchen. We, she and I, were always creating something together, this, one of the great benefits of love. We concocted and realized many dreams over the years, for which I am grateful every single day.
We were dreaming large that year. We would create a bakery together called "Sixteen Cakes". We had it all figured out; the types of cakes, cupcakes, cookies...sixteen (of course!) different choices every day. What a grand and yummy idea!! We created a logo together as well.
Life gives...all that precious time creating with my sweet sister...and life takes, it is the order of things. So in her honor and in memory of my sister Robin, I dedicate this very public blog of musings, baking, good food, family, creativity and beauty. I miss you every day, dear sweet girl.
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