Tuesday, November 15, 2011

"Saturday Morning Cartoons" and more...at Recycle Art Santa Fe

Some of the best of last weekend's Recycle Santa Fe Art Festival. The following sculptors were part of a very inspiring recycle art exhibit. I especially appreciate the innovative use materials that might otherwise be found buried in a land fill.

 "Saturday Morning Cartoons" by Don Kennelly, Santa Fe ~ stuffed toys and steel

 Wall Piece by Linda Oldham, Abiquiu ~ Found all over ceramic glass, wood

Detail: Wall piece by Lina Oldham

 "Shipwrecked" by Esteban Bojorqueez, Santa Fe ~ wheelbarrow, planter, car hood, ski bindings, faucet handles...and soooooooo much more!! The children at the show loved this sculpture!

Detail: "Shipwrecked"

 "Ohio River Blues Aquarium" by Caroline Waite, Dallas, TX ~ River debris, cigarette lighters, doll arms, pizza boxes, newspaper
I love this! It was the size of a real aquarium.

Detail: Ohio River Blues Aquarium

Do you have a favorite?

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Maria Rose said...

The shipwreck is awesome!

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