Thursday, November 3, 2011

What Time Is It?

My husband Michael taught art in the public schools for 27 years. I think you have to be a little crazy to stand up in front of 120 teenagers every day, but Michael did it with ease and grace. The students that have kept in touch over the years are a testimony to his ability to reach, relate and to inspire teens.
Michael is especially known for his iconoclastic teaching style. A trait which endeared him to his students and profoundly confused the administration, but garnered great results.

As his wife and his greatest fan, I am particularly proud of the large number of his students who have gone on to enjoy successful careers in the field of art. There are professional artists, art and museum gallery directors, graphic artists, designers, art therapists, high school art teachers and college professors; a fine legacy for a gifted teacher.

The ability to reach and relate to teenagers is a gift and a mystery. Every year for every class, the very first question of Michael's final exam was this, "What time is it?" The answer was his "gage," a way to really assess who was paying attention, but to his students the answer was their introduction to an eternal truth; the answer (which endeared him to them). The time is always NOW. 

The Classroom

Now it is Michael's turn to embrace this premise. Teaching is past tense. He has honed his skills as an artist. His style is sophisticated  his technique, flawless. His work has his voice, distinct and clear and his viewer is always entertained by his subtle musings and quirky irreverence. 

In a few weeks Michael will be showing his work to thousands of people, an action whose time has come, because, we all know what time it is.
See Michael's work here.


Maria Rose said...

He is an amazing man! Changed my entire life. Can't imagine where I'd be without him: my education, husband, art, etc.

Victoria said...

Mine too...xo

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