Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Patio Inspirations

I am inspired by the gorgeous Spring weather to make my outdoor space more inviting. I have always wanted a comfy bench seat, one on which I could sleep! So I have been collecting ideas forever. Our funky fence will be the jumping off point for the design.
This is definitely a "before" picture. We will lay tile on the concrete, build a bench seat with comfy pillows and add an indoor/outdoor rug. Here are some of my inspirations!

Indoor/Outdoor rug from Shades of Light. I love how plush it is! They have another design I like as well, pretty enough to use in the house. Check it out here.

Done with marbles! So cool. Thinking about doing this to the fence...or maybe the frame of the daybed...?

This is the daybed look I am going for...we will make the frame then add this bench cushion from Pottery Barn.  Provided it is still available...this photo is all over Pinterest.

With a few embellishments.....and a lot of flowers!! Well...it won't look like this, but I want it to feel like this.
Are you inspired to create an outdoor living space? Please share!!

1 comment:

Maria Rose said...

We have definitely been working on it. Our house came with a great yard and we just want to keep building on it!

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