Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Deshuesadero   5.5” x 9.5” x 2” Acrylic, resin, tin, wood, pottery, antique typeset, vintage glass, watch gears, Italian acorn, 1944 newsprint, Italian ad, metal, skull and rib bone, rust, gold leaf, soil.

 My husband Michael is an artist. Really. Not a want-to-be artist, not a part-time artist; every day, he is living and breathing art. The first time I saw his work I remember rudely interrupting his slide-show to ask what the heck he was doing wasting his time in a small-town in the middle of the desert.  Oddly, the question must have endeared me to him, we have been together ever since and I remain his biggest fan. Well, his patrons and students might argue that point, but I have the edge in years! (To see more of Michael's work click here)

This weekend Michael will be part of a group show at Metallo Gallery in Madrid, New Mexico. It is the gallery that represents him on a regular basis, but for the "In Microscale" show, Michael tends to let his artist-child come out and play. He diverts slightly from his focus on 2-dimensional work and fills his studio workbench with his lifetime collection of found objects, vintage finds; papers, boxes, labels, bones, bottles, tins, car parts, wheels and cogs and delights in creating something wonderful and mysterious from what he affectionately calls, "my stuff". I am giving you a sneak peek.

Prudence                                    8” x 10” x 3”  Acrylic, missile residue, Asian print, iron wheel, skull, porcelain, vintage linoleum, antique typeset, wire, wood, soil

I hope you will join us for the group show and Opening Reception, April 28, from 4-8 pm at Metallo Gallery in funky and wonderful Madrid, New Mexico. The show will be up all month if you are traveling through another day...but we would sure love to see you Saturday. Oh, and did I mention, Cassidy Watt, the owner of Metallo makes sure everyone has a great time and great eats! 

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