Friday, May 4, 2012

Ouida Touchón ~ Chine Collé with Woodcut

I am off this weekend to Las Cruces to finally take a class in woodcut printing. Very exciting, as I have had this on my "To Do" list since college. I have always been drawn to printmaking, gravitating toward the hand-pulled mono-prints at shows and the lovely etchings of Master's works at museums.
I feel fortunate to have found an accomplished teacher and the timing is perfect!

Ouida Touchón is a visual artist from New Mexico with her BFA from Kansas City Art Institute in Painting and her Master of Arts from the University of Missouri at Kansas City in studio arts. I saw her work in a show several months ago and immediately fell in love with her technique as well as her imagery. Her use of Japanese papers with her woodcuts produces a bright, lively, almost organic multi-layered print.
I am so anxious to get started!! Click here to read more about Ouida and to view her stunning prints.
Have a great weekend! I know I will!


Maria Rose said...

Cool!!! I can't wait to hear more! Have fun

Susan Struck said...

Have fun! I'm looking forward to some photographs!

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