Friday, June 8, 2012

Officially HOT!

Summer has arrived in the desert, and by that I mean it will be stinking hot from now until October! Of course, "it's a dry heat". No mold growing on these bathroom walls! (which, by the way, goes on my "things I like about the desert" list). Most of the people that live in the "land of extremes" could win a season of Survivor without blinking. It is also helpful if you have a good sense of humor or at least a spouse with one; Exhibit A: Husband Michael, keeping me laughing, same as it ever was, thanks honey and thank God!

"Does this look natural?"

 Kiss Yourself!

 A Personal Survival Moment in Cortona, Italy

 "Here's Espresso in Your Eye"

 Armed and...dangerous? Nice bandoleer

 Do we need to see that?

 Steam-punked Out!

 Yes, that is a Jesus bandage...

My Innovator...."hand drying" paintings in Italy

Don't ask...

 And finally...what's a man without his Tinkerbell ears....!

Who cares if it's 100° out, I'm laughing on the inside. 
Stay cool!


Maria Rose said...

I do not miss the heat. Eric was already melting when we were there in April---and it was 80.
I do, however, miss you and that hilarious man you married!

Victoria said...

I think some day I would like to move to a cooler climate. At least that is what I think...until winter comes!
Missing you tooooooxoxoxo

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