Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Spa Water or "How I Busted Some Fat"

I saw Dr. Oz and Kim Lyons on a talk show the other day and they were touting the benefits of a fat-busting beverage. I was thirsty, it looked good to me so I thought, what the heck, at the very least I'll be drinking more water!  There are so many people out there trying to sell their magic diet pills, drinks and such, I figure it is all hooha..but, Dr. Oz has some real cred...so, for the designated 10 days I drank a glass of this before every meal.

Good for you and pretty too!

You can find a video describing the benefits and the recipe for this Kim Lyon's "fat-burner flush" here 

Basically the recipe consists of:
Sliced grapefruit
Tangerine sections
Fresh Mint leaves 
You can find the written recipe by Kim Lyons on the Dr. Oz sight here.

I used about 1/3 of a grapefruit, 1/2 of a tangelo (no tangerines in sight), an half of an organic cucumber and fresh mint leaves from my garden. Dr. Oz says to use peppermint leaves but I used spearmint. You make this up fresh every morning, keep it in the fridge and drink one 8oz glass of water before each meal.
I liked it so much, I drank more than the designated amount...remember the tiling job?!! Also, this is the desert! 

My results were interesting. Of course, drinking 8 oz of water before each meal fills you up, so you eat less, but the drink really did help my digestion! I felt better drinking more water throughout the day. The drink is cooling and refreshing...and don't forget, pretty! 

The only negative was, after 10 days I felt like my body was overly acidic and I could "taste" the citrus peel in everything I ate. I realized I couldn't keep drinking it with the grapefruit hanging out in the water all day, so I started taking the grapefruit out after a few hours. I really had some great results though...less bloating, some visible fat-burning (!) better digestion and all the benefits of drinking more water.

Now, I make this up without the citrus. It's like a spa in my fridge. I am enjoying the cooling mint and the refreshing cucumber and when I remember to drink it before a meal...well, all the better.

Of course, you should check with your physician if you plan to alter your diet significantly...just my little disclaimer...

Hey, this is easy!! Let me know if you do this and if it works for you. Enjoy!!


Maria Rose said...

While I am not trying to lose weight, what with growing a human and all, I am trying to drink lots of water and this might be just what I need. Thanks!

Susan Struck said...

That is pretty! Anything that encourages more H2o is likely a good idea for most of us.

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