Thursday, October 20, 2011

Wish I'd Thought of That!

Wish I'd Thought of This Sooner!

We have a 16'  x 7' window in our home. Do we love it? Well, yes and no. Of course, the view and the light, we love, but for years we shopped in vain for a window treatment that wouldn't break the bank AND would fit our design style (no vertical blinds please). Our DIY solution was to purchase two 8' curtain rods, take them apart then fasten them at the center (where the two raw edges came together) with a washer a bit larger than the rod (which we painted to match the copper color) and a bracket that disguised the join and kept that 16' rod stable in the husband Mike's eureka moment, thankfully!

We then found six 42" curtain panels, fastened clip-on rings at the top and after years of hand wringing we finally had a budget-friendly window treatment. 

Short of having a curtain rod fabricated of wrought iron (not really budget-friendly), we could not find an alternative to a traditional curtain rod. We searched everywhere  for a material strong enough, long enough, pretty enough and cheap enough with which to build the rod. In the end, it was our local box store to the rescue. Who knew!? Moral...your local box store is harboring a wealth of solutions!! Just the box? ;)
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