Tuesday, November 8, 2011

"Stolen From Plates" ~ Pique Assiette Mosaic

I have been painting with broken stuff; all those pretty pieces of cracked vintage ceramics, dishes that slipped through soapy fingers and mugs that slipped through butter fingers; abandon strands of pearls, mismatched earrings and busted bowls. I cannot recall the exact moment I decided to teach myself to mosaic, I think the medium has always appealed to to my pragmatic side but when it began to appeal to me creatively I was hooked. Add to that the whole "green" aspect of recycling all those broken beauties and discarded dishes and I became obsessed with finding a way to create something beautiful out of junk. So obsessed, I created a pique assiette mosaic for my powder room wall, as one of my first projects, nothing like starting small (more on that later). Since then I have done commissions and I have gifted pieces to family, but it is time for the next step. Time to go public! Enjoy!

 I create color stories, the ceramic shards are like paints in a paintbox.

 I usually choose a focal point...lately, I'm all about birds...then begin "painting" with tiles

 I mosaic like I paint; I love surface ornamentation, bold shapes, repetition and...I am loving this wee bird!

...choosing a playful approach. Recognize the Matisse influence?

Ready to grout!

 The hardest part, covering all my hard work with mud! I choose not to reveal every square inch of surface because I like...

...the shapes and colors to emerge like buried treasure! Wee birdie bowl complete!

This weekend I will be at Recycle Santa Fe Art Festival with my work. I am sharing a booth with my good friend Galen Wales and her wonderful "UBz" creations, see some of them here . The  festival will be held at the El Museo Cultural  November 11-13, Friday, 5pm-9pm, Saturday 9am-5pm and Sunday 9am to 5pm (unfortunately I will not be there for the Sunday show). If you are in town, or around, come by, Galen and I would love to see you!


Maria Rose said...

WoW! I so wish we could be there!!!

Victoria said...

Me too!!

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