Monday, June 11, 2012

Italy is Eminent!

I am now on the "pre-Italy" watercolor retreat emotional roller coaster ride. It goes something like this: one day UP, calm, with a sense of confidence ("hey, I've done this before, what's the big deal?!"), next day down, "Oh my God! What if I forget how to paint!" Since this happens every year without fail, I have taken to writing myself a letter of encouragement at the end of every retreat, a little love letter of sorts, and placing it in my schedule book so I will run across it while planning the next retreat. Like the Zen tale of the master who is always startled by the daily ringing of the noon temple bell, I am always surprised. It goes like this: Trust yourself Victoria, you will remember Italian! Michael will be right again! You will remember art and how to watercolor. Ciao Bella!! Discovering it is like finding a gold doubloon. When I start to feel panicky, I pull out that piece of gold and calm my nerves. This year I am challenging myself to turn my anxiety into excitement by focusing on the lovely experience I am about to have.
Italy is Eminent!
Sketchbook sketching and watercolors at leisure!

Bella Papaveri!

Rejoicing in the progression of our students

Delicious Italian Cuisine S-L-O-W Dinners, Lazy Lunches

Watching Michael Relax

My spot...the chaise with the book....

Turkish Steam Room...calling to me

My room with a View

Studio Eccezionale! coming home

Secret daybed


...watching Michael mugging with my mom!
 Fascinating historical and beautiful hill-top towns

....making new friends, oh the wonderful friendships!

Okay, I feel better now! How do you encourage yourself through the fear? Time to pack!


Maria Rose said...

One of my dreams (plans) for the future is to take these trips with you!

Victoria said...

It's our dream too!

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