Thursday, January 31, 2013

Ryker's Fox

Months ago Michael and I had a special request from our dear friend Chelsea Ashton to create a work of art that she could then transform into quilt blocks for her soon-to-be-born baby boy Ryker. The theme? Foxes!! See all about that here. I promised to post the process when we returned from Italy in July. Well...a lot of water under the bridge since then...but at last, here is the promised post.

Preliminary Sketch
Water color, graphite and some pen detail
Keeping it simple, with the quilt block in mind
I included the wee stuffed fox, of course!  :)

Michael put his fox in a boat! Love this!!

Ryker's Fox ~  Acrylic, graphite, metal leaf...and other stuff!

We wish Chelsea, husband Rob and darling baby Ryker lots of love and sweet baby times together!
Finished quilt? Chels??! xo


Chelsea Ashton said...

His quilt and bedding are finished! I promise to send pictures soon. We are so lucky to have so many amazingly talented friends and family! Ryker has a wall full of foxes, each one beautiful and different. Thank you and Michael for your love and your art. We will be visiting New Mexico this spring so all those we love can meet the little dude. Love to you and Michael!

Maria Rose said...

AMAZING!!!!! CHildren's book!>!>!>

Maria Rose said...

Love it! Children's book !!!!

Victoria said...

Great news Chels! Can't wait to see you and meet Ryker and Rob! Love you!

@Maria, We're working on it!!!!

Unknown said...

I love it all...the grin on the fox's face is awesome! :)

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