Saturday, August 3, 2013

Small Pleasures

This summer we are home, working in the studio, but still...home! How glorious it is to be here long enough between painting retreats to appreciate the simple pleasures of our surroundings. I'm feeling particularly grateful and reflective today. Here are some of the things that make me happy in my space.
The way the trumpet vine creates leafy shadows over the pergola.

The Texas sage in full bloom

My first crop of figs (!) and time to enjoy the bounty of the local markets

My kitchen, and the time to hone my baking skills and try new recipes. Like these French Breakfast Puffs (find this doughnut inspired recipe by Ree Drummond here).

Sunset evenings on the patio with my honey, of which I never, ever tire....xo

  What do you enjoy in your space? Happy weekend everyone!


Maria Rose said...

Oh I do love your space!

In my space I love the chaos of life. Tubes of paint in the studio ( my paint squeezed in the middle and Eric's rolled neatly from bottom up). Kids toys always migrating from baskets to floor. Dogs lazing about. Light. Art. Love!

Victoria said...

Nothing sexier than mingling paint!! I can't wait to visit your space xo

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