Sunday, January 1, 2012

2011~ Top Ten

I know it is true for most when I say New Year's Day is...Ahhhhhhhhhhhh...! Holiday's over! Check!
2011 over! Check! Clean slate, fresh start, new palette, that all sounds good to me! Ahhhhhhh......
New Year's Day Michael and I like to review our "completions" for the previous year and then make what we call a "Heart Chart" for the coming year.

Last year was amazing for many reasons, here are our Top Ten (apologies to David Letterman and my friend and fellow blogger Maria Wimmer).

 #10  The dinning room reno we had been planned (FOREVER) became a reality!


#9  The bathroom mosaic I had been working on (FOREVER)...finis!

 Made entirely from recycled/reclaimed mostly vintage ceramics. Cost, $0 (!!!)

 Tea cup handle towel ring :)

#8  Artist and wonder husband Michael's many creative and successful opportunities this year, with four art shows, representation at two galleries and many private sales!

In the studio... A LOT!!

 "Persons of Interest" One man show, Metallo, Gallery, NM

 Juried show, Seattle, WA

#7  Teaming up this with our dear friend and Albuquerque Yoga instructor Gloria Drayer and creating Yoga + Art in Umbria, Italy 2012!

#7  Spending time with family this summer. Connecticut coast, Mason's Island, a vacation home for 10, 2 kayaks and a week together, awesome!

 Brother Scott and Michael (the one mugging for the camera of course)

Mother from Michigan, friend from NY, ex-hubby James (yes, we are friends) and brother Norman from San Francisco, enjoying a beautiful July day.

 Michael and brother Scott at Stonington, RI (also from San Francisco)

 We couldn't have found a better place for our reunion!

Stepping out the front pretty. You have to forgive me, I live in the desert so I gush around large bodies of water!

4. Visiting Chicago for the first time! Spending time with my dear "cosmic daughter" Kendra and her wonderful Jason.
 Us! In the "Bean" at Millennium Park

Doing what we love best! Chicago restaurants!!

3.  Time spent on a road trip with my mom...
 Antiquing in Shipshawanna, Indiana
 Traveling through Amish country

 Visiting the Upper Peninsula in Michigan via my favorite Mackinaw bridge.

Enjoying a summer street fair in Petoskey, Michigan

#2 Working up the personal courage to: start blogging, learn Photoshop and show my mosaic work at the Recycle Santa Fe show in November.

 #1 ...and at the TOP of 2011...The marriage of our son Sean and his beautiful and very smart wife Meghan at the incredibly gorgeous Ocean House Hotel in Watch Hill, Rhode Island. A beautiful event, flawlessly orchestrated by our new friends and family, Meghan's talented and delightful parents, John and Susan Clancy. It was one for the books; a perfect day filled with the love of family and friends.

 Sean and Meghan ~ Wedding Day!

 Drs. Sean and Meghan Danby

 Ocean House, Rhode Island

Michael and I are working on our "Heart Chart" today for 2012; looking forward to creating, loving, and living each day of this year with ease and grace. At the top of our list is our wish for you to have a Brilliant 2012!


Maria Rose said...

What a great year! Love the mosaic work!

E.K. said...

Wow, what a year!!! You are such an inspiration and the bathroom looks awesome!

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