Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Team Wimmer

That is what they call themselves, our dear friends, former students, accomplished artists, art historians, teachers, parents extraordinare ! In fact we have known them only as a team...students who fell for each other on our watch, marched hand-in-hand into a life-long, loving relationship of mutual love and participation, respect and admiration....poster kids for the word TEAM.
"Kids" no longer, we had the opportunity this weekend to sit back and admire the lovely adults they have become. What a treat. The sweetheart pictured above was the cherry on top of the visit, finally getting to meet Cordelia, the newest member of Team Wimmer was a dream come true. She stole our hearts.

 Cordelia and her lovely mother Maria doing what great parents do, reading to her daughter

The day was perfection

Father Eric, doing what great parents do, helping his girl with her rock collection

Maria and Cordelia and a new "team" member on the way! Taking a nice little walk...and finding more precious rocks ;) Our time together flew by, with a solemn promise to see each other again soon.

Our friends follow a vegan lifestyle, I had so much fun preparing a meal for them.

 Wild Rice Salad, find the recipe here, and....

...the mixed fruit salad I blogged about here (I do think mine is prettier!). I could not find star fruit, so substituted mango. It worked perfectly with the rice salad and Maria's delicious bean salad. We dined al fresco and enjoyed the New Mexico Spring evening and the company of dear, dear friends.


Maria Rose said...

We had such an extraordinary time. Spending time with you two is always time well spent!

Victoria said...

Can you come back tomorrow please...so much to chat about and show and tell!! xo

Onlythemanager said...

Maria told me about the wonderful meal. It looks delicious!

They really are a great team, aren't they?

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