Thursday, May 3, 2012

Garden in a Pot

For years I allowed the hot dry weather in New Mexico to get the best of "go-to" excuse for not planting vegetables. It has taken some time, but this Michigan girl finally understands the ebb and flow of the planting season in the desert. Pots work well, control water, pests and bunnies. Results? Take a look!!

Rainbow Chard, several pots and they all did well. It is time to harvest though, with early heat in April I was fortunate they did not bolt. I have had to provide shade these last few afternoons. Have you had success growing vegetables this way? If you have you found a special variety or veggie that does great in a the desert??!!! I would love to know!

 Kale, something I cannot find in the grocery here. Just a bit longer and the Kale will be ready! I am learning to cook it and love it! If you have a great recipe for Kale, please share!


NO more excuses!! Yes, I will be serving my very own crop of Rainbow Chard for dinner tonight! Paired with roasted chicken and smashed potatoes with lemon garlic sauce. To find my favorite recipe for preparing fresh chard click here. Bon Appetit!


Maria Rose said...

Oh that looks great. I have done some potted gardening over the years as we were renters for so long. Now I do a combo of potted and regular bed gardening. You look like you have been doing it forever!

Victoria said...

I will try raised beds next year with A LOT more chard!!!

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