Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Retreat!

 Sketching under the portico at the lovely Locanda del Gallo

Sketching in the peace and quiet of the Umbrian hills.

 I'm crazy for you guys! What a great week!

 Practicing recording what we see

Immersed in the beauty of Italy, recording what makes our heart sing

 Splashing on the color!

Portable sketchbook kits; Windsor Newton Watercolor Paint Box, water container, indelible markers for detail, pencils and Moleskine Watercolour Notebooks...compact, perfect for capturing and recording our experience of Umbria!

 After painting? A fabulous lunch prepared by Chef Jimmy, of course!

Our incredible server George, Peace George!! We love you! 

What are we having for lunch? Oh, just a little something....


 Zucchini Flowers stuffed with Ricotta

Couscous with eggplant caponata...and fresh lettuces...and freshly made foccacia...and...Boun Appetito!!!

Every lunch and dinner at the Locanda del Gallo is a masterful combination of fresh, organically grown produce sumptuously prepared and luxuriously presented. This was only day one people!!

Next post, more fun at the Locanda. Ciao! Victoria

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Maria Rose said...

Oh I feel like I was almost there too...almost

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