Tuesday, September 4, 2012

What's Missing?

I have taken a bit of a hiatus from blogging. The summer has been joyfully busy, beginning with three lovely days in Siena, Italy, followed by teaching watercolor to a stand out group of fun and talented students at our wonderful Sketchbooktours Umbria Italy Retreat. Then on to a spontaneous and luxuriously long visit to San Francisco to reunite with brothers, nephews and a precious cosmic daughter. When at home, I have been immersed in loads of domestic and artistic projects.

I enjoyed taking a break from posting and considered, for a brief moment, retiring my blog. I asked myself some hard questions about why I blog at all. During this time away I have come to realize that daily reflection is a very important part of my life and my personal happiness. Composing on Sixteencakes; pausing to reflect on the positive events, people and joys in my life ultimately cultivates gratitude and a deep appreciation for my many blessings.

It is fitting then that I begin again with the beauty I experience every day in my garden. I am grateful to my dear husband Michael for doing all of the heavy lifting that turns our dry desert environment into my secret garden. Join me on a walk-around....it's nice to be back!

 Third blooming of sages this summer!! Second bloom of butterfly bush!

We Xeriscaped our front yard by creating a berm and landscaping with native desert plants. Water needs are low and just look at the showy flowers!

Desert "Texas Sage" in full bloom.

"Reclaimed" cement birdbath filled to the brim with Purslane.

 I am way into succulents and have started to landscape with them...this is just the beginning!

I am creating a succulent rock garden by the pool; low water, no maintenance and very little mess in the pool!

 Pool landscaping with Purslane..we'll see how they weather this winter.

 The ever blooming hardy Perennial, Lantana in our Xeriscaped backyard. Love it!

 Potted Purslane, I love the multicolored blooms.

 Native winner Desert Verbena

Finally...I harvested all my rainbow chard...and like magic, it has come back! I don't know about you, but the miracle and excitement of growing my own food (especially in the desert) never wears thin.
Have a beautiful day! 


Maria Rose said...

Beautiful garden! I too love succulents.

So glad you are back. I didn't want to push you, but I sure missed your posts!

Victoria said...

Kind of you sweetheart. Thank you
I am working on a large succulent garden...now if I can find the plants!! xo

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