Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Down and Dirty

So I am running to make breakfast this morning and I drop the Naan bread on the floor not once, but three times!! Hence the "down and dirty" title. Do you ever get a case of the "dropsies"....! You know, the days where everything wants to fly out of your hands, like you buttered them or something! Sheesh! Fortunately my fabulous husband had just mopped the kitchen floor and I figured frying the bread would take care of any wayward germs. What I discovered as a result of my germ phobia is that fried Naan bread is so delicious! Try this, you will love it! Oh, and throwing your bread on the floor first...optional.

Flying Naan Bread Breakfast for One

In an 8" frying pan heat:
A smidgen of unsalted butter and a dollop of olive oil
1 piece of Trader Joe's Garlic Naan bread torn in half (so it fits in the pan, silly)
1 farm fresh egg ( I season mine with a garlic-pepper-sea-salt mixture)
Cook flipping both the bread, 'til crispy on both sides, and the egg, as you like it...
When both are nearly done
Toss two thin slices of Brie cheese onto the egg, flip it once to warm the Brie
Top with fresh basil
Serve hot!

Okay, how wonderful is this...all the food groups, and as my mother would say, "Ah, a little dirt never hurt anybody".  Enjoy!

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