Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Election Night Surprise

I worked the election polls yesterday. Have you ever done that? I highly recommend the experience as a way to connect with the good and the "not so good" aspects of a community. Mostly, I enjoy being a part of helping people exercise their right to vote and as a bonus I get to see neighbors and friends.

Election day is always a bit hectic and long. The polls open at 7am and close at 7pm which means a 14 hour day for the workers. Most often I come home, have a cup of tea and head directly to bed but last night I was greeted at the door by my brother Scott, who is visiting from California. Scott is an amazing cook. He and Michael were ready for this tired poll worker! They handed me a cocktail and directed me to the dinner table to relax and enjoy the incredible meal they had prepared. What a lovely surprise! I felt totally spoiled and pampered, lucky me!!
Scott is a natural in the kitchen. Give him an inventory of your fridge and like magic, he whips up the most amazing and delicious meals right before your eyes. Our common passion for all things food, art and travel make for having a great time together. It is a lot like taking a cooking class with your best friend; we catch up with each other, share recipes, new discoveries and great food! Can you tell I am crazy about my brother?

On the menu: New Zealand lamb chops with homemade pesto, rosemary rub; potatoes mashed with a garlic, butter and parsley sauté, and fresh asparagus sautéd with olive oil, bacon crumble and lemon pepper. Paired with a lively Carmenere from Chili.

...a bit of chocolate bar with toasted almonds and sea salt for desert...divine!  Thank you my dear brother and husband for a lovely evening!

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Maria Rose said...

So nice to be surrounded by good people!

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