Tuesday, February 21, 2012


I have been enjoying the company of my brother Scott. It is so seldom I can yank him out of his "city" (and who can blame him) San Francisco and get him to the desert that I vowed to totally immerse myself in his visit. I am blessed with three brothers I can also call friends. Each relationship is special and different and somehow the same. We all share a love of good food, travel and art but each of my brothers brings his own unique twist. Scott is a bit of a free spirit; traveling the globe from the moment he left home, he is street smart, worldly and fearless. I greatly admire these qualities and always look forward to hearing about his latest adventures. This visit, we shared time in the kitchen, catching up on each others lives while we cooked together, compared food finds, cooking techniques, and recipes. What a fine time it was!

  My brother Scott and husband Michael outside our home...note the low flying clouds this morning!!

Scott introduced me to the "slow-carb" breakfast...yes, this is breakfast! black beans, broccoli, scrambled eggs (mostly whites) with herbs and bacon...the idea is that after this breakfast you stay fuller and more energized throughout the day, because,  "You are maintaining a consistent blood sugar level and avoiding big spikes in blood sugar and the associated spike of insulin in your blood. When your body releases insulin, it triggers your cells to switch into energy storage mode. In other words, it triggers your body to begin storing fat. If you keep your blood sugar consistent and avoid large insulin spikes, you avoid tripping that fat storage trigger in your body and continue to burn your food for energy.” Does it work? Yes!!

Another wonderful breakfast, not quite as "slow" but close! Egg, bacon, onion, saffron rice scramble.

We made several breakfasts using the previous night's meal. Scott showed me how to make the leftovers palatable for a morning meal by using fresh herbs, seasoned salts and unusual spices like smoked paprika. These meals really kept me going, something a bowl of cereal could never do!
Click here for a link to a slow-carb website. Am I the only one on the planet that has never heard of a slow-carb diet?? I do believe I live in an information vortex!
Tomorrow...the dinners!!

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Maria Rose said...

So glad to hear that you had a great visit with your brother! I have heard of the slow carb thing. I tend to eat 5 small meals a day and maintain my energy that way.

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