Saturday, February 4, 2012

While I have been stuck in the house recuperating, Michael and the pups have been enjoying the incredibly beautiful weather here in the desert. Please take note at how well our terriers are doing off leash!
 This is a canyon trail just behind our home

 Zen, the shaggy one, is a mess! He is my dirt dog!

 I don't think their noses left the ground.

 Yes, it's that brown here. Hey, it is winter!

 I love the long morning shadows.

 Ha ha, mostly we have tail-side up ;)  We always leash them during walks, as we generally walk the neighborhood, but Michael has been taking them up the canyon, which they love.

They did so well, sticking by him. I told him he was lucky...they are terriers after all! Next time he will pack some treats just in case they have an ah ha moment.
Do you walk your pets? Favorite place? Favorite time of day?

1 comment:

Maria Rose said...

I walk Bumblebee every day (with the exception of absolutely terrible weather days). I love taking her out in nature, along the river in the summer. She must remain on leash, but she is cool about it.

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