Thursday, December 8, 2011

Fake but Fab...A DIY Beaded Tree!

Bowl of ornaments for my DIY beaded Christmas tree; beaded and embellished fabric, mini grapevine wreaths, glittered winged hearts found in the scrap-booking section of a craft store.

I used vintage salt shakers to make the tassel ornaments. I just wired through the shaker holes to make the hanger, then glued in a ready-made tassel in the hole at the bottom, replacing the stopper. I added a little trim at the top of the tassel, and done! I love the variety of vintage shakers available.

The base of the tree is wrapped in a funky leopard print, so I keep it simple with a few glittery ornaments and some glass bead covered fruit.

For the ornament with the ribbon and vintage mother-of-pearl buckle, I wrapped mini store-bought grapevine wreaths with wired seed beads, then tossed the ribbon and buckle on for color and fun.

Another tassel ornament...I am partial to birds.

One of my mosaic bowls filled with Christmas cheer!

The completed can see from the close-ups, the branches are wrapped with satin ribbon and beaded elements, for more detail, see yesterday's post here. The tip of each branch is decorated with a fragrant anise pod. The "trunk" of the tree is also wrapped in ribbon and is mounted into a fabric-wrapped wooden block. I wish I had a before photo of this sad little tree, it was the perfect candidate for wrapping and embellishing!

A little holiday flourish on this sweet bird sculpture, gifted to me by the immensely talented Maria Wimmer, (check out her blog here) completes my Christmas vignette! Are you having fun yet? Happy decorating! 


Emily said...

I love how you took all of these eclectic things and made one beautiful tree! Nice job!
ps-- I am sort of obsessed with birds too!

Victoria said...

Thank you Emily!

Maria Rose said...

Looks awesome. So you!!! Thanks for including me in the festivities.

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