Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Give A Hoot? (Sorry)

I don't quite understand the popular fascination with owls (maybe someone can enlighten me) but owls are out in full force! There is something endearing about an owl; wise and cute at the same time. I thought it would be fun to go hunt owl and bring a few of my favorite finds "home" for you to see.

Owl postcard set by Mindy Lacefield at Tim's Sally on Etsy Love these AND her other work as well!

Owl ornaments by Evelyn at Etsy shop EvelynX

(These boys "wisely" drink tea!)

Ceramic clay Owl figurines by Claylicious on Etsy soooo cute!

Crazy Owl - Crochet Pattern by Etsy artist CAROcreated
Wacky cute!

Owl monotone print by lovelysweetwilliam on Etsy
Oooo...I think I need this baby!!
Okay, officially into owls!! Enjoy!

1 comment:

Maria Rose said...

Yes I love owls...not sure why the renewed popularity.

Cool finds!

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