Monday, December 5, 2011

It's Heeeere!

I could smell the snow this morning. I peeked out the bedroom window, no, not here yet, but soon. My husband Michael was already on a mission to protect. Four hours earlier, he was up securing our home and garden from the ravages of dropping temperatures and an impending snow storm. We live in the land of extremes here in the desert; one day you can be sunning on the patio and the next, knee deep in snow. This is one of those days. The weather service predicted snow by the afternoon but as I sat at the breakfast table, facing West, I could see the front as clearly as if someone had painted it on a canvas. "Here is comes, three...two...snow!"
(You can take the girl out of Michigan, but you can't take Michigan...oh well, you know!)

There isn't a lot of accumulation, yet, but you can see the snowflakes in the air. Michael, dressed for the job. Mr. handsome to me!

You would never know this man had surgery four days ago, amazing!!

Our pup Guinness, wondering what is going on...!
Thanks to my sweetie, we're ready! Time to cozy in and stay warm and stay put. New Mexico drivers freak out in the snow, so it is best to stay off the roads. It is times like these I really appreciate my Michigan heritage and the skilled drivers from all those wintry states.
Keep cozy everyone!

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Maria Rose said...


Glad to see your wonderful and amazing husband is doing so well!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, you are so right about NM snow drivers! I learned to drive in NM and when I returned north it took me some time to mellow out and learn how to drive like a sane person in the snow. Thankfully I have evolved beyond the NM snow driver!

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