Friday, February 14, 2014

Opposites Definitely Attract

"Honeymoon Heart"   Reclaimed & broken vintage ceramics, pearls, jewelry and found objects of interest  Victoria Copeland
A few years back Michael and I were asked to create and donate original artwork for a charity event. It was a Valentine's theme and we were asked to use the heart motif.

True to the saying a look at our work side-by-side spotlights our very obvious differences, but it also demonstrates a common theme. Can you guess...

"Route 66 - The Escape"  Reclaimed metal, bones, acrylic, found objects of interest     2007

No, not collecting found objects, although...that is a nice way to connect...but that crazy, sometimes subtle, sometimes outrageous sense of humor we share...which, gratefully, keeps us from taking the differences too seriously!
Hugs to my Funny Valentine and Happy Celebration of the Heart Day Everyone!


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