Thursday, September 8, 2011

Chard and the Path to Enlightenment

I don't consider myself a dreamer, although I certainly have dreams, but in the few days I have been writing and posting on Sixteen Cakes I have realized how much time I have been spending in "dream land".
Who knew this simple undertaking would force me into the present, in a way that is strangely similar to raising babies and puppies!! Soooo... this is why we blog....

Eating more consciously

Lunch has been a habit of sandwiches and chips. Not terrible if the bread is good,  the meat is lean and  covered in yummy cheese and basil or heirloom tomatoes or something else wonderful, but a habit and act of 'unconsciousness' none the less.
So, in the name of paying attention, I have been cooking lunch for Michael and myself, daily. I know, it is HOT out...but I start early, before the worst of the heat.
Today, more market finds, beautiful Swiss Chard!!
This recipe is loosely based on a rainbow chard recipe from Fine Cooking, issue Summer 2010. I have altered it to suit my taste and pantry.

Fresh Swiss Chard with Garlic, Pine Nuts and Basil
1 Lg or 3 Sm bunches of Chard tough stems chopped into 1/4" dice and leaves chopped, approx 2"
1 TBL olive oil
3 TBL pine nuts already dry pan toasted
2 cloves garlic minced
1 TBL cold unsalted butter (cut into quarters)
1/4 cup thinly sliced fresh basil (8-10 large leaves)

I dry toast my pignolias ~ toast and stir in dry skillet on medium heat on stove top until lightly browned don't walk away! When toasted, set them aside
Heat olive oil in a deep saute pan with lid. Cut the tougher stem bottoms into a dice and add them and 1/2 minced garlic to the heated oil. Saute a few minutes

Saute until tender, just a few minutes medium heat. Don't burn the garlic!

Add in the remaining chopped chard...guard yourself..the pan will sputter and spit. Turn the chard with tongs so the oil/garlic mixture covers evenly. Cover and cook for a few minutes, stirring a few times

After a about four or five minutes, toss in the remaining garlic, a pinch of kosher salt and cover.  Continue to cook on medium heat about four minutes, until tender, depending on the amount and size of your chard...when it is cooked down like this...toss in the cold butter, stir and finish...

Just before serving stir in the pine nuts and the fresh basil. Serve immediately with brown basmati rice for a satisfying, yummy and totally conscious lunch!

I enjoyed mine all mixed up!

Have you eaten with awareness today?

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