Tuesday, September 6, 2011

French Farmer's Soup or Why I Am Longing for Fall...

If you live in New Mexico you know fall is an insidious season. Live here long enough and you begin to recognize the subtle signs; snippets of "cool" on the morning breeze, potted plants, roses and cacti making one last rally to bloom, the odd desert cardinal at the bird feeder. All welcome signs especially this year, on the heels of one our hottest summers ever. The cooler weather cannot come fast enough.
So today, I feel it in the air and I am dreaming of Fall over a bowl of French Farmer's Soup. This recipe comes from Fine Cooking Magazine, November 2007, and yes, I have every issue.

French Farmer's Soup
I tweaked the recipe to accommodate veggies on hand...
  • Meat (optional): bacon and a bit of the rendered fat mixed with olive oil
  • Aromatics: leeks  and celery -  chopped
  • Seasoning: Fresh thyme  - chopped (1Tbl)
  • Vegetables: market fresh carrots - 1/4" dice, cauliflower - 1/2"florets
  • Broth: 4 Cups low salt store-bought chicken broth
  • Beans: 2-15 oz. cans cannellini beans- rinsed
  • To Finish: 1Tbl white-wine vinegar, chopped parsley and home-made croutons
Such a beautiful cauliflower, I love the way the leaves curl around the florets.
A little saute, first the leeks and celery, then in go the aromatics for a minute, then
 the veggies and broth.
Simmer for 20 min. add the beans. Finish with a splash of white wine vinegar, parsley and croutons
Mmmmmm....Fall, are you feelin' it?

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