Monday, September 19, 2011

For the Love of Muesli

Do you like the idea of granola but find it too sweet? Not to mention pricey! I was first introduced to granola's healthier cousin, muesli while traveling in Europe. It is the European answer to cereal and what a wonderful answer it is! I love it, so I buy it, but good muesli is generally imported to this country which makes it hard on the budget.  I came across a recipe I thought I might enjoy and gave it a try. Here is my version. I feel like I hit the muesli jackpot! Try it, and enjoy!

European-style Muesli 

4 Cups (roughly) of organic whole oats (not quick-cooking)
1 Cup raw Papitas
1 Cup chopped walnuts or pecans
1 Cup dried blueberries (got mine from American Spoon, yum)
1 Cup Trader Joe's Golden Berry Blend (or you can use your favorite dried fruit)
Yields about 8 cups

Heat oven to 375°
Spread oats on a baking sheet, toast about 5-10 minutes. I started checking and stirring after 5 minutes you are looking for a light, golden color. Next, on a separate baking sheet, spread the papitas and toast as you did the oats. I "pan" toast the walnuts on the stove top. I find they burn too easily when toasted in the oven. Use a dry skillet, medium heat, stir and watch them like a hawk.
Okay, now let everything cool.
Toss together with the dried fruit and serve with milk, almond milk, or plain yogurt. The berry blend makes it sweet enough for me, but if you are using a different dried fruit, you can always add honey.
How easy was that!
The cost was about the same to make as to purchase but I still came out a bit ahead AND my muesli has better quality dried fruit and nuts and therefore, more flavor. Oh, and did I mention, this makes a great snack!


Maria Rose said...


Onlythemanager said...

That sounds wonderful! I have a good recipe as well. Maybe I will post about it soon to share also. OK if I link readers back to your blog for this recipe? It's not like I have a ton of readers but I think they would like your site.

Victoria said...

Oh please do Susan! Thank you and I would love to have your recipe for muesli.

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