Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Everybody and Their Uncle...

I know everyone knows someone who has made or is planning to make a bulletin board out of wine corks! After years of enjoying some outstanding wines and prudently saving every cork I finally took the plunge.
  •    Materials:
  • A huge bag full of wine corks...beg, borrow, or drink fast!
  • 1 "toy" chalk board
  • Picture frame (deep rabbit), backed with plywood and screw-eyes/wire
  • Black paint
  • Wood glue
  • Liquid Nail
After painting the chalk board frame black I glued it onto the plywood backing (also painted black) with liquid nail
I like the way this design shows the graphics on the corks

I glued the corks by "buttering" each one onto the plywood, framed it, wired the back and voila!
In my office!

The effect is surprising nostalgic! Many a wonderful evening was spent with friends, family and clients in Italy over a lovely glass of wine. Take the plunge! Cin-cin!!

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