Wednesday, March 27, 2013

A Love Letter to my Cosmic Daughters

If you follow my blog you already know how crazy I am about my son and darling daughter-in-law. However, you may not know that I also happen to be blessed with the most amazing young women in my life. Through the grace of God I am surrounded by a lovely cadre of girls I have known since their teens (now women) who I affectionately refer to as my "cosmic daughters". Women I adore, my "fierce chicks" living their lives with passion and purpose, bringing more to the table than they are taking, and leaving their mark by raising the collective consciousness of the world through their own willingness to truly know themselves. I continue to school and be schooled by them. Bound forever by spirit and our true loving connection, today I am missing them; their physical energy, their creative spirit and the sheer beauty of their lovely selves. Here are my girls. I miss you darlings.

 ...and I am so grateful for the opportunity you have given me to know you to share in your lives. Thank you, with all my heart, thank you. Love, Victoria

1 comment:

Maria Rose said...

I love you so much!

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