Thursday, March 7, 2013

Tulips = Spring!

I love tulips, the way they slowly open over several days, swaying toward the sunshine on sturdy but delicate stems and finally giving a full burst of showiness like the finale of fourth of July fireworks. I love them all, every color. Yes, even the super sweet pink ones. My husband knows this, so this week,  tax week from hell, when I am covered in tax returns, pushing endless piles of tiny receipts around and exhibiting fits of hair-pulling, Michael quietly slipped these beauties into my office.
A simple but sweet gesture that had the desired effect, pulling me out of the depths of tax prep hate, a reminder that this too shall pass and Spring, beautiful Spring in the desert is almost here. Thank you honey. Have a great day everyone! Even if you're shoveling snow today...Spring is on the way!!

1 comment:

Maria Rose said...

I adore tulips. They are the leaders of the flower world. They bravely pop up like rainbow droplets atop the snow. I also love that they have such a short life and you know when they're dead. Unlike the chrysanthemum who always leaves me wondering dead or dried?

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