Thursday, March 14, 2013

You KNow It's Spring WHen...

Pup Zen rolls around in the dry grass and bushes and embeds his cotton-candy like coat with a million tiny twigs and burrs!! Arrrggghh!

 Twig head!

His favorite activity? Rolling, digging and sitting in, dirt, grass, mud. He is oblivious too! So the direction of our morning changed radically.

 Instead, we had to submit to our least favorite activity!

 Giving me the "stink-eye"

This was a different wash day...but they all look pretty much the same. I have an apron on, but I'm drenched anyway, so is my kitchen. At least it was in the 70's today....buds are already on the trees...yes, Spring is officially here, just ask Zen.

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