Monday, March 4, 2013

Boccalone ~ Foodie Review

There are some moments in life that feel like a little crystal of perfection. For me, this was one of those moments.

Setting the scene:
Saturday, the Embarcadero Farmer's Market, Ferry Building, San Francisco, California, mid-July, gorgeous day, a warm ocean breeze, everyone on the pier happily enjoying themselves.
Bins of brightly colored veggies, fresh-made cheeses, pots brimming with flowers and food vendors, (that scent!) with wares that easily rival that of a five-star restaurant.

The players:
People, right out of an episode of Prairie Home Companion, where all the children are smart and the women good-looking (I paraphrase!)...the men were also good-looking! 

The sound:
Low murmurs of delight from shoppers enjoying the abundance of fresh produce, live music filtering through the crowd.

We are wandering through the crowd, where all are moving in and about each other with ease. With my dear brother on my arm, (an indescribable comfort), I am searching the pier for one of my favorite food vendors, Boccalone (mouth is watering!). I am anxious to share this incredible gastronomic "find" with my foodie brother. We spot Baccalone and happily wait in the long, but well-mannered line and are finally rewarded with a Salame Pepato Chub, (loosely translated, a peppery, chubby, tasty pork, yummy...)  in my language, perfection on a bun. Italian charcuterie divine! With apologies to my non-carnivorous friends, I could eat this amazing little Pepato Chub and depart for heaven with a smile on my face. If you are one of the lucky ones living in SF you must go and brave the line. It is worth it! If you live elsewhere, put this market on your To-Do list with Boccalone at the top!

1 Ferry Bldg #21, San Francisco, CA~ there are potatoes being roasted under the grilling meats!

Each "chub" is hand-cut right before your eyes with juices sopped up by the ciabatta roll, their award-winning, tasty pork, topped with only a smidgen of arugula. 

 With a side of those indescribable drippings-infused rosemary new-potatoes

A sunny spot by the pier, my brother by my side, music in my ear and a salame chub....perfection!
   Homesick for San Francisco just right now! Miss you Scott. Bon Appetit!

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