Friday, March 1, 2013

Thunder Dog

Sonic BOOMS! We've got 'em. Like it or not, we have to live with the nerve-shattering, blast that comes from our local jet-jockeys breaking the sound barrier. Understandably pets, babies and those unfortunate souls on the mid-night shift HATE them. In an effort to find a way to calm my terrified dogs I tried a homeopathic Bach remedy called Rescue Remedy, which would work if I knew when the blasted blast was coming. But I am not on the air force's "need to know" list nor a psychic. So I needed a quick fix for Guinness, who shakes uncontrollably and practically glues himself to my lap. Enter the Thundershirt! Honestly, this is the best product ever. The Thunder Shirt hugs him nice and snug and he relaxes almost immediately, then usually falls fast asleep. Here's the little rascal after today's earth-shattering boom sporting his shirt. Maybe they should make one that will lower my post boom blood pressure?
Notice that relaxed look on his face.
The shirt is easy to put on, with lots of Velcro for a snug but flexible fit. According to the website, it works on the nervous system of your pup. If you have this problem...if you're my neighbor I know you do! Seriously, it works for real thunder and those awful fireworks too, oh and vacuum cleaners and other loud noises. I would like to personally "thunder hug" the inventor of this great product. The best part, no need to ever drug my terrified pup...definitely the best part.

Minutes later....
You can find the Thundershirt on their website , look for their current Free Embroidery promo! No, I am not getting paid to endorse their product, but dang I would go on the road just to pass the word to other dog owners. So, pass the word my friends!! Finally, a product that does what it promises!
Happy Days! Cheers! Victoria, Guinness and Zen

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Maria Rose said...

I have heard really good things about this. Anonymous gift to your neighbor?

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